brushless DC motor advantage - High Efficiency Brushless Electric Boat Motor

brushless DC motor advantage

Advantage of permanent magnet brushless DC motor in Simple Way


With the traditional three-phase AC asynchronous traction motors, DC motors and other products, compared traction excitation, permanent magnet brushless DC traction motors advantages:
     1, high efficiency. Reactive power consumption is greatly reduced, efficiency up to 93%.
     2, small size and light weight. Compared with the same power of Y series traction motors, frame size to be a smaller size.
     3, the structure is simple, maintenance-free.
     4, the loss is small. Are synchronized operation at any speed, the rotor copper loss neither iron nor consumption.
     5, starting torque, low starting current. Mechanical properties and adjust performance and it excited DC motor control is similar, so the starting current, starting torque.
     6, wide speed adjustment range.
     7. Long-term low-speed operation without heat. Adapt to frequent starts and stops, frequent commutation.
     8, energy saving. Due to the brushless DC motor efficiency and high power factor, low loss; brushless DC motor in passive rotation, that is a generator.