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brushless motor advantages

DC permanent magnet brushless motor advantages
     1, high efficiency
     Permanent magnet synchronous motors are brushless DC motors, permanent magnet properties which determines the motor rotor does not require rotor excitation as asynchronous motors as well, so there is no copper and iron losses on the rotor, its efficiency at rated load capacity than the same asynchronous motor increased by 5% -12%.
 NdFeB material itself while low permeability, high resistance and rotor core using silicon steel laminations, reducing the eddy current loss, but also to avoid the NdFeB material thermal demagnetization.
     2, wide range of high efficiency region
     At rated load, permanent magnet brushless DC motor system efficiency greater than 80% of the range of more than 70% of the entire motor speed range.
     3, high power factor
     Permanent magnet brushless DC motor rotor without excitation, power factor close to 1.
     4, starting torque, low starting current, overload torque
     Mechanical properties of permanent magnet brushless DC motor and regulation characteristics and it is similar to DC shunt motor characteristics, so it's starting torque, low starting current, wide adjustment range, so there is no need, as you need to start winding synchronous motor. In addition, the maximum overload torque permanent magnet brushless DC motor can be up to four times the rated torque.
     Permanent magnet brushless DC motor for long-term low-speed operation, frequent starts and stops of the occasion, which is dragging the inverter Y series motor impossible.
     5, high power density motors
     Permanent magnet brushless DC motor compared with asynchronous motors, the volume and the maximum operating speed is the same, compared with asynchronous motor power output increased by 30%.
     6, adaptable
     Under the premise of closed-loop speed control, supply voltage excursion + 10% or -15%, ambient temperature difference between the actual speed and load torque from 40K at 0-100% rated torque ripple, and permanent magnet brushless DC motor setting the steady-state speed deviation is not more than the set rotational speed of ± 1%.
     7, the control performance and stability
     Permanent magnet brushless DC motor speed control system is a kind of self-control, when the load mutation does not produce oscillations and out of step.
     8, simple structure, easy maintenance
 Characteristics of permanent magnet brushless DC motor with a DC motor, AC induction motor structure, simple structure and easy maintenance.